A series of three online presentations by Gino Lerario, who has more than 20 years’ experience in Early Intervention Services with a particular focus on ASD and complex developmental needs. Each presentation will be followed by Q & A session which will help parents/guardians to have a better understanding of Autism, Key Issues and Parenting Strategies. These sessions aim to provide information and support for parents of children and adolescents with ASD, or where there is a query of ASD.

Gino works for the HSE. He is the Early Intervention Educator with the North Tipperary Children’s Services. He is part of a multidisciplinary team which provides assessment and intervention for children with complex developmental needs. He has a Master’s Degree in Primary and Special Education from La Salle University in Philadelphia. He has experience with children with behavioural difficulties and has taught in an ASD Classroom, but the majority of his 20 years+ career has been in Early Intervention services. His recent work includes supporting families of children with ASD or a query of ASD and supporting preschools and schools to include children with ASD. He has keen interest in the development of play and interaction, particularly utilising the DIR/Floor-time model.

7.00pm-8.00pm – Tuesday 27th Sept: Session 1: Autism – What is it?
7.00pm-8.00pm – Tuesday 4th Oct: Session 2: Autism – The Key Issues
7.00pm-8.00pm – Tuesday 11th Oct: Session 3: Autism – Parent Strategies

All of these sessions will include an opportunity for Questions and Answers from parents/guardians.

To register please contact Julie O’Halloran on 083 1008075  or email julie@mfrc.ie  

This is a Parent Learning initiative funded by Tusla.